History of Autoconers: When Autoconers invented and who were they?


Open end spinning is an invention that came out in 1963 and is considered as a relatively modern piece of technology. Open end spinning is basically the technology that allows one to produce yarn without the usage of a spindle. This obviously ensures that it is a fairly safer method of spinning.

This method is also known by the names of rotor spinning and break spinning. In this process, the yarn comes out directly, freshly spun and wrapped on the bobbin, ready to go to the second step of the whole process. This method is also known to be faster.


Open end spinning is a very fast and efficient method. It skips over stages that delay the process, making it quicker and much more convenient alongside. The autoconer does not require the roving and repackaging processes either. This makes the system fairly less intensive of labour; it reduces the hard work required and makes jobs easier for all.

The manual processes were initially much harder; they have been simplified by the use of these machines. The autoconer is a very important part of these spinning and winding machines for the yarn. And it is always best to have spares ready or pre ordered too.

Autoconer spares manufacturer & suppliers in india supplies to the industries and factories that need extra parts or even replacement pieces for their autoconers. These are supplied extremely fast whether the case is urgent or not. The shipment is sent out within 24 hours of the order being received by the companies.

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The company offers not only an excessively wide range on autoconer parts, but also parts of winding machines and other textile machinery.

The products provided are very well known for their long lasting and very smooth and simple installation into the machines; there is no hassle of trying to force fit a part into a place where it looks like it belongs. There is a huge demand of lappet hooks in industrial area but there is very less manufacturer available in the market because it is not cost effective.

Countries that can be served by the company are widespread. Some noticeable spots are Bangladesh, India, Peru, Egypt and Latin America to name a few. The autoners provided are of the optimum quality and are stretched with brilliant usage.

Facts about Land Pooling Policy of Master Plan Delhi By Suryaa Homes

The Master Plan Delhi is being implemented by the Delhi Development Association. It is the vision for the future of Delhi, transformed into brilliance.

This is to explore the limits of progress and development and stretch them to the fullest. This plan is to benefit the citizens, the government, the laborers and the underprivileged people of the city.


The master plan has a draft which draft includes the regional and sub regional frames, population and employment, the urban area for 2021, shelter, trade and commerce along with wholesale trade, industry, urban design, conservation and heritage, government offices, transportation, physical infrastructure, and social infrastructure, in no particular order, among others.

The execution of the work is monitored by the DDA.

The land pooling policy is one of the sub points under the MPD 2021. This policy was passed on September 5, 2013 by the Ministry of Urban Development.

It is a policy which is very important, especially for the betterment of land owners, as this is mainly focused towards their beneficiary aspects.

One of the parts this policy overlooks is that the land owners get profits made on the developments on the entire land they owned as they opt to own stakes on the land, and they even get back a lot of their pre- owned land to go back to owning it themselves.

The main focus of the land pool policy is the development of Delhi. It focuses of making the metropolitan city far better as a whole with gleaming new prospects.


The land pool policy suggests that land owners can give up their share of the land to be pooled and they can be stake holders for the land that they owned. In this manner they get a fair percentage of the profits from whatever development is made on that land.

After the land is pooled and it is utilized to the maximum with a great deal of developments, an approximate amount of 40% to 60% is returned back to the original land owners. This land pooling is of two types. If the land owners have less than 20 hectares of land, around 48% of it is returned back to them, this is one type of land pooling.

What land pooling policy has to do with delhi?

If land owners have over 20 hectares of land, around 60% of their original land is returned back to them, this is the second type of land pooling. Suryaa Homes has detailed explanation and more updates about land pooling policy.

The Land Pooling Policy, and the Master Plan Delhi as a whole, will bring great progress to the National Capital city.

Magnificent Body Massage Therapies in Bangalore

best body female massage Bangalore center

Massages are the best way to relieve one’s self after a month or two of continuous stressful situations. They relax the body and bring tranquility to the mind.

The masseuses are very well trained and they can simplify the knots in our body muscles with excessive ease. This alleviates the tension in the body and helps soothe it. There are various types of massages that have different positive impacts on us. They come with a great deal of benefits. Try out this one best body female massage Bangalore center to experience some of them.

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Some of these massage therapies and their benefits include the following:

  • Reflexology: this happens to be a particularly helpful form of getting a massage treatment. Its benefits include restoring relaxation, as is evident. It is also a major source of reducing stress and anxiety in an individual. It also relieves an individual of pain from various areas. This pain is of the toes and ankles. It also helps to relieve arch pain basic common kinds of arthritis.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: this kind of a massage usually digs deep into our skin, fats, and muscles. It is known for alleviating the tension from the muscles of the body, mainly the back. This massage is also very well known for its property to provide deep pain relief. Deep tissue massage lengthens the muscles and loosens scar tissues. For overuse injuries, this is the best massage on can opt for. It is also superb for chronic, regular injuries.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: this therapy is largely preferred by athletes or those who are into playing sports. The basic idea of this theory is that it relieves the tightness of any area of muscle tissue that may be the reason for pain in other parts of the body. The usage of this therapy is based on cycles of isolated pressure on the body and release of the same. This therapy is also one used for chronic illnesses or injuries and it also aids in the natural management of pain and stress from the same.
  • Swedish massage: these massages are known for having less pressure. They are normally doled out with light to medium amounts of pressure. They encourage circulation and more movement of the lymph nodes. They are also very good for regular chronic pain or any stress induced\ issues.
  • Sports Massage: these are known to reduce the risk of injury by encouraging flexibility. They also increase the overall endurance capacity of the body, mainly in terms of pain. They are very helpful in decreasing the amount of time it takes for the body to recover after a workout. They are also well known for providing training sessions with more balance.

 So heal in with peace at reputed spa and massage centers!